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Tractor Books

  • Tractors at Work (Farming Press) 1994
  •  Ford Tractor Conversions (Farming Press) 1995
  • Tractors at Work Volume Two (Farming Press) 1995
  • Roadless (Farming Press) 1996
  • Change on the Land (Farming Press) 1997
  • County (Farming Press) 1997
  • Ford Tractor Story Part One (Japonica Press / Old Pond Publishing) 1998
  • Ford Tractor Story Part Two (Japonica Press / Old Pond Publishing) 1999
  • A Tradition of Service (New Holland) 1999
  • Ferguson Tractor Story (Old Pond Publishing) 2000
  • Tractors in Britain (Japonica Press) 2001
  • Doe Tractor Story (Old Pond Publishing) 2001
  • David Brown Tractor Story Part One (Old Pond Publishing) 2003
  • Revolutionay Tractor Heroes (Kelsey Publishing) 2012
  • British Tractors 1945-1965 (Herridge & Sons) 2013
  • David Brown Tractor Story Part Two (Old Pond Publishing) 2014

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Tractor Videos/DVDs

  • Roadless Tractors (Farming Press) 1996
  • County Tractors (Farming Press) 1997
  • Ferguson Tractors (Old Pond Publishing) 1998
  • Ferguson on the Farm Part One (Old Pond Publishing) 2001
  • Ferguson on the Farm Part Two (Old Pond Publishing) 2002
  • Ferguson on the Farm Part Three (Old Pond Publishing) 2003
  • Giants of the Field (Old Pond Publishing) 2003
  • County Tractor Working Days (Old Pond Publishing) 2004
  • Fordson Farming (Old Pond Publishing) 2006
  • International at Doncaster (Old Pond Publishing) 2008

Those titles still in print can be ordered direct from the relevant publisher. Some Farming Press titles are available through Old Pond Publishing.

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